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The Pole Puzzle from Qtoys’ beautiful Baby Deluxe range is an excellent early learning resource designed to promote hand-eye coordination and motor skills development. The puzzle features three poles of varying heights housed in a sturdy, thick base, making it an engaging and educational toy for young children.


  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Helps children improve their precision and coordination by placing rings on the poles.
  • Motor Skills Development: Encourages the development of both gross and fine motor skills as children manipulate the pieces.
  • Learning Through Play: Supports exploration, inquiry, discovery, and sense-making, allowing children to understand their environment.
  • Imaginative Play: Fosters improvisation and imagination, connecting children with social and physical surroundings.

Qtoys Baby Deluxe Range:

  • Welcoming and Playful: Designed to be inviting and enjoyable for babies and toddlers.
  • Safe and Interactive: Ensures a safe play environment with interactive elements that stimulate learning.
  • Core Development: Supports the development of sight, sound, touch, and motor skills.
  • Chemical-Free: Made without harmful chemicals, highlighting the natural beauty of the timber with premium craftsmanship.

The Qtoys Pole Puzzle is a simple yet effective tool for early childhood development, combining quality craftsmanship with educational value to create a delightful and safe learning experience for little ones.

This toy has passed the international standards of toy safety ( ISO8124 part 1). 

Recommended aged 18+ months.

Made in Vietnam