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Pre-order Grasping rattle (delivery in August)

259 kr

The Grasping Rattle from Qtoys’ Baby Deluxe range is a wonderful addition to any baby’s playtime.

Here’s why it’s a fantastic choice for young ones:
  1. Grasping Skills Development: Designed specifically for babies, the Grasping Rattle helps infants develop their grasping skills. What’s more is the easy-to-hold shape and size of the rattle encourage babies to reach out and grasp, promoting the development of fine motor skills.
  2. Sensory Stimulation: Babies are naturally curious and love exploring the world through their senses. The Grasping Rattle provides auditory stimulation with its gentle rattling sound, engaging babies’ sense of hearing. Additionally, the tactile experience of holding and shaking the rattle stimulates their sense of touch.
  3. Learning Through Play: Qtoys understands the importance of play in a child’s learning and development. Moreover, the Grasping Rattle is not just a toy; it’s a valuable learning resource that allows babies to explore, inquire, and make sense of their environment through play. This hands-on approach fosters cognitive development and encourages curiosity and exploration.
  4. Safe and Chemical-Free: The Baby Deluxe range, including the Grasping Rattle, is designed to be safe, chemical-free, and made with premium craftsmanship. Furthermore, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their baby is playing with a high-quality, non-toxic toy.
  5. Supports Core Development: The Baby Deluxe range is carefully crafted to support the core development of babies and toddlers. From sight and sound to touch and motor skills, these early learning toys provide a well-rounded sensory experience that promotes holistic development.

Overall, the Grasping Rattle from Qtoys’ Baby Deluxe range offers a safe, engaging, and interactive play experience that nurtures babies’ growth and development in various ways.

This toy has passed the international standards of toy safety ( ISO8124 part 1).