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Sensory wooden tray

299 kr

The tray is filled with various sensory materials such as sand, rice, water beads, or dried beans, along with a variety of objects and tools for children to manipulate and explore. These materials can be chosen based on the specific sensory experiences you want to provide, such as textures, colors, or even scents.

Sensory wooden trays are designed to engage multiple senses, promoting sensory development, fine motor skills, creativity, and imaginative play. Children can scoop, pour, sift, and dig through the materials, using their hands or small tools like scoops, spoons, or brushes. They can also incorporate other objects like toy animals, cars, or building blocks to create small worlds or scenarios.

The wooden tray itself adds a natural and aesthetic element to the sensory experience, and it can be easily cleaned and reused for different sensory setups. It also provides a defined space for play, containing the materials within the tray and minimizing mess.

Sensory play, including the use of sensory wooden trays, is often used in early childhood education settings, sensory therapy, and at home to support children's sensory development, cognitive skills, and overall well-being.

Made in tunisia

Olive wood