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Pre-order Wooden rain maker (delivery in August)

575 kr

The Wooden Rainmaker is a delightful musical instrument that brings the soothing sound of rainfall to life. When you hold the rainmaker vertically and gently tilt it back and forth, the objects inside cascade through the tube, mimicking the gentle patter of raindrops. This instrument doesn’t just produce calming sounds; it also engages the senses, making it an ideal toy for curious thinkers.

The Wooden Rainmaker’s tactile nature invites hands-on exploration. As you tilt the rainmaker, you can feel the objects moving inside, creating a rhythmic sensation that enhances the auditory experience. This interaction makes the rainmaker a fantastic tool for sensory development, especially for young children who are just beginning to explore the world around them.

In addition to its sensory benefits, the rainmaker encourages curiosity and imagination. Children and adults alike can marvel at how a simple tilt can produce such a mesmerizing sound. The rainmaker sparks questions about how the objects inside create different rhythms and patterns, leading to explorations of sound, gravity, and motion.

In addition to being a musical instrument, the wooden rainmaker is also a popular sensory toy for young children. The sound of the falling objects can be calming and soothing, making it a useful tool for promoting relaxation and sensory development. Children can also learn about cause and effect as they tilt the rainmaker back and forth.

Approx dimensions: 25x12x12cms. Weight: 0.5kgs.